The Others


Nemesis The Harris's hawk silently glides through the mists in search of prey for her chicks. As the mice have ranged farther out in the open in search of food, the neighborhood has become her favorite hunting ground.



A mysterious wolf prowls the woods near the neighborhood houses. It watches and waits. Erebus and his pack haven't dared to enter the neighborhood for fear of the humans, but now that the humans are gone...


Snag is a cantankerous old Douglas Squirrel who lived deep in the woods until his land was flooded. He moved to The Refuge with the others, but keeps to himself on the southern edge of the island. He is gruff and prefers his solitude, but when he sees a mouse fall out of the sky, he ventures out to help her.


Skoga is a large and ancient snapper turtle who has lived in the woods longer than any other living creature. He has no interest in the comparatively brief lives of the others wants to be left alone. He has lived in torpor in the stream for months as the cold weather has lingered on, and hates to be disturbed.


Arken is the Master Engineer and Architect of the Beaver dam. His knowledge of dam building is unmatched among the beavers, but even he may be hard pressed to meet his king's unreasonable demands. Privately, he questions the king's sanity, but he remains loyal and is determined to finish the dam no matter the cost.


Nyll is the leader of the mysterious ravens and head advisor to the king of the beavers. In return for food from the refugees' stores, the ravens act as the beaver's eyes and ears in the forest and oversee the non-beaver workers at the dam. Nyll is always in the presence of the king, and constantly complains of Arken's inability to finish the dam. 



Atlas is an immense moose from another forest in the east. Not long after the humans left, the forest began to wither and the herds fell ill. Most of the moose, deer and elk died or moved away to find food and escape the ravenous wolves that invaded their land, but only Atlas went west towards the city. He is in search of answers to what is happening to the forest, and searches for a mysterious guardian who may have the answer.

The Refugees

The refugees were moved to a swampy island for protection by the beavers after their forest was flooded. They are kept there for protection against the wolves, who don't dare swim the frigid waters, but the refugees may have been better off fending for themselves and keeping the beavers away.



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