The Cats



Titan is a large, powerful cat with razor sharp claws and a fiery tortoiseshell coat (a rarity for a male). Born a sickly stray and left to die by the other cats in the neighborhood, he underwent a great growth spurt that made him a massive beast, and he took his vengeance on many of the other strays that had spurned him. He’s now covered in scars from battles with other cats for territory and supremacy, and is the unquestioned leader of the cats, who he rules with brutality. Thoroughly nasty to his prey, he enjoys cruelly toying with his victims before finally killing them.

Unfortunately for the mice, Titan is also a great hunter, and any mouse caught out in the open is easy prey for the big cat. Wix is the only mouse to ever escape his clutches and outrun him, but only after losing part of an ear to a last swipe of Titan’s claws. Titan has never forgotten, and constantly searches for the red mouse hoping to make up for his one failed hunt.




Ork was a spoiled and well groomed Himalayan house cat before being abandoned by her owners. They didn't even remove her collar and bell before they left. This has made it difficult for her to survive on her own, as her bell warns any mice away long before she can sneak up on them. 

This would be a sad story if not for the fact that even before she was abandoned, Ork was a particularly nasty beast who, despite being well fed, delighted in tormenting any small creature she could get her hands on.

Her hair has become matted and an infection has taken one eye, but this has only increased her viciousness. What she lacks in stealth, she makes up with sheer brutality.



Scratcher is a young stray who has grown up without relying on humans for food. He has speed and agility to make up for his small size, and though he's not particularly bright, he has enough craftiness to occasionally sneak up on something.

Lately he has taken to following Ork around, as he has discovered that Ork's bell sends mice scurrying away from the large feline and into Scratcher's waiting paws. Ork hates the sniveling Scratcher trailing behind her wherever she goes, but she has learned to tolerate his presence, for when Scratcher does catch something, the big Himalayan can take it away from him with brute force.

Gizz and Fig


Gizz and Fig are usually too lazy to go hunting with the others. They prefer lounging around during the day, and rummaging for scraps when they get hungry, though they'll happily chase any mouse that comes their way. They think the other cats are idiots, though Gizz and Fig aren't really any brighter.  They usually bicker among themselves, arguing over what tastes better or whose turn it is to dive into the dumpster.