Episode 4 delayed one month, plus some revisions to the first three.

I know I said Scurry would be back at the beginning of December, but the Kickstarter took a bit more time than I expected. That book should still ship on time, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, because once it's in print, it's permanent!

I've started on the second book, but need to build up a bit of a buffer before I start posting again, so when things start again, there won't be any delays with the schedule. The cover will be up around New Year's.

Speaking of book 1, during the kickstarter and printing process I was able to go back and clean up a few things. I didn't pull a total George Lucas here, but I fixed a few wonky faces, tweaked the dialogue a bit, and fixed some typos. Nothing major or story changing, but you might want to revisit it until the next chapter starts.