One month Anniversary!

We're a month and 15 pages into the comic and about halfway through chapter 1 (its a fairly long one). I've been really surprised about the early attention Scurry has gotten so far. Thanks everyone for your support! 


-Scurry was featured on the website last week and Scurry has gained over 5500 subscribers there!

- I am giving away a 30+page digital artbook. For people signing up for the Scurry newsletter. sign up here: . I only plan on using it for Kickstarter news later this year, unless some other news comes up.

-I hope to get back to live streaming on Twitch ( in March, but it will probably be random sketches or concepting or fan art. Working on the comic takes up a lot of brain power (and computer power), so streaming while working on it is too distracting. I may stream a comic page here and there when I get more comfortable with it.

-Soon I will be adding a poll to the site to get some feedback on what people are looking for in a physical book. Plus stuff related to the story too.  Feel free to send me feedback in comics or email.


thanks! We're just getting started.