Scurry Patreon has been revamped!

Want to support the production of Scurry? Consider joining the Scurry Patreon.

  • Revamp underway. I'm properly tagging posts and fixing broken links. It should be easier to navigate now. I'll be posting some new concepts and videos in the next few days.
  • For only $2 a month, you get layered PSD files, hi-res pics, step-by-step progress GIFs and the occasional note or sketch I dig up. I'll also make available new brush sets from time to time.
  • Exclusive videos at the $5 level, and physical gifts mailed to $10 patrons (big movie posters on the way now). Patrons at these levels also get their name added to the thanks section in the books. 
  • Adding a lot of new posts and deleting old ones.
  • Even a dollar helps!