The Scurry Book 1 kickstarter has been fulfilled. Now what?

The Scurry Book 1 kickstarter has been fulfilled and pre-orders delivered. Now what? 

Well, we'll be doing the Kickstarter for book 2, of course. I hope to get it kicked off around August 22nd. More Premium Slipcase Editions will be available as well. Sign up to the mailing list for updates.

What else has been going on?

  • I'm using a distributor in Europe to ship the book to international customers. International shipping has been reduced to $15, so if the kickstarter shipping cost was too steep, now is your chance to get the first book at a slightly more reasonable price, you can purchase the regular hardcover or softcover here:
  • The digital version of the first book as well as the complete episode 4 are now available on Gumroad can be found here: . They can also be had on my Patreon to all $2 patrons and up:
  • Episode 5 is well underway on the website. (Here come the wolves!) It will finish up at the end of July. I'm working on finishing episode 6 now and will start posting it in mid-August.
  • The Tapastic version of the comic recently surpassed 1 million views and 14,000 subscribers!
  • I plan on revamping the store soon and offering plenty of new merch.


Thanks so much for all your support. Sharing the project on social media really helps, too!