August update...

Hello everyone,

Well, I'm a bit drained at the time of writing this, but here goes...Since the last update, I received the terrible news that my mom (who lives on the opposite end of the U.S.) was diagnosed with cancer. I had to travel back home and be with her for awhile, so I haven't had a chance to work on the project. There is another round of tests next week, but if things go well (and there is reason to be positive), I can probably get back to work soon. I may need to move closer to home to help take care of her and my mentally disabled brother, but I don't know yet.

It's been a rough and exhausting year but hopefully things will return to something resembling normalcy soon. I'd love to finish this up (and it’s nearly complete) so I can focus on other things, but the universe has other plans. I'm just trying to stay positive. I don't really know what else to say but thanks for your patience, thoughts and prayers.