Scurry Kickstarter in one week!

Kickstarter for Book 1 begins in 2 days! 

It's almost time! Kickstarter begins on Tuesday, August 30th at 8PM PST

edit: Kickstarter is live!  100 pages! Oversized 8" x 12" pages! Hardcover and softcover (and extras). It's crazy! 

some info:


  • Early backers really help the project get more viewers, and helps ensure the project gets funded, so I really appreciate it if you back early on. You can always change or cancel your pledge later if something comes up.
  • I tried my best to find a decent shipping rate for international backers, but unfortunately I can't ship for less than $23 (in fact, I'll probably be taking a hit on international shipping.) Canadian shipping will be $15. I know, it sucks, but perhaps in the future I can get a foreign publisher to handle international orders (since they have the advantage of bulk sales and distribution partners.)
  • All hardcovers will include a signed and numbered bookplate.
  • The Premium Edition will include mini-prints, stickers, a bookmark and a foil stamped slipcase. This set will be exclusive to Kickstarter.
  • There will also be tiers for one-of-a-kind, hand drawn sketches and art.
  • Thanks so much for your support! This is only possible because of you and I'm very grateful!