Small Kickstarter update.


Just a quick Kickstarter update. Nothing much to report right now, but I wanted to send out an update before the holidays:

  • The funds for the second book have been received from Kickstarter and are safely tucked away in the bank.
  • The final comic pages are being worked on and final edits will be done by the end of the year, if the holidays don't intrude too much. There is a chance I may add a few pages, but not too many. 
  • The back matter (character bios, artwork and other stuff) will be put together soon after, with the final book design to follow. It should be ready to print by the end of January.
  • I will be putting together the final specs to send to the printer, and sending the deposit thereafter. 
  • Everything seems to be on schedule at the moment!  

Thanks! Happy holidays!