New Scurry Kickstarter Option added: SLIPCASE to fit all 3 hardcover books!

Hey all,
I wanted to let you know that, due to a lot of interest, I added a new slipcase that can fit all three books. You can get it with the Book 3 hardcover or all three hardcover books. Some people with the premium editions were also wondering if they could also get this slipcase, and the answer is yes. Just add $10 to the premium hardcover tier and I'll add it to your order. Get your book HERE. 

If you want to catch up, Scurry Books 1 and 2 are available HERE. Supplies are very limited. Thanks again! 


Small Kickstarter update.


Just a quick Kickstarter update. Nothing much to report right now, but I wanted to send out an update before the holidays:

  • The funds for the second book have been received from Kickstarter and are safely tucked away in the bank.
  • The final comic pages are being worked on and final edits will be done by the end of the year, if the holidays don't intrude too much. There is a chance I may add a few pages, but not too many. 
  • The back matter (character bios, artwork and other stuff) will be put together soon after, with the final book design to follow. It should be ready to print by the end of January.
  • I will be putting together the final specs to send to the printer, and sending the deposit thereafter. 
  • Everything seems to be on schedule at the moment!  

Thanks! Happy holidays! 


Scurry Thunderclap campaign if you want to help Scurry out (for free).

Hi guys, I just set up a Thunderclap campaign if anyone is interested in helping out the kickstarter campaign. It's a great way to support the project for free. Check it out and sign up if you'd like:

Thanks for all your support! Scurry takes a lot of work, but you guys make it worth it.

What is thunderclap? From the website: Thunderclap makes it so your fans don’t need to remember to post your message to their social media account at a specific time. They can sign up ahead of time, and you’ll have a clear picture of your social reach even before launch day.


Scurry Premium Slipcase Editions are available now for a limited time via kickstarter.

Kickstarter exclusive premium editions of both book one and two are available to preorder for a limited time. These are only available during the Kickstarters, so now's your chance to grab one. There are also a few sketch tier rewards left, but they won't last long.

Here's what you get for getting both books:

Here's one of the unboxing videos of the premium edition of first book from ACE Reviews to give you an idea of what you get with the second:

Get it here:

thanks for all your support!


Kickstarter is over! Huge success, topping $100k!


I'll have plenty more to say about the Kickstarter in the near future, but for now I just wanted to say thanks for all of your amazing support! We just creeped past the 100k mark with a couple of hours left, and had over 2100 backers! 

I'm putting together the final page layouts while I wait for the Kickstarter funds to process, and hope to get the printing process started near the end of the month.

More news to come!