Updates and Delays

remastered image.jpg


First things first: I went back and replaced the images in episodes 4-7 with the final book files. It's nothing major but I did make a lot of little tweaks to the panel art and fixed the brightness/color on them. One page I flipped and relettered. Check them out if you want to thumb back through them.

I also made a few tiny edits to the text and fixed some typos. Nothing story changing. Except one small change to Pict's interactions with the beavers. Before, it sounded like she was pleading for help, which didn't sit right with me, so I reworded it a bit to show that she is asking to work with them cooperatively. That's what I originally intended. 

And now the bad news: I mentioned that I was taking a break to finish the kickstarter and deal with some injuries. How is that going? ugh.

Well, the Kickstarter fulfillment isn't a trainwreck or anything, but it has taken me a couple more months to complete. It sucks, but that is the nature of printing and shipping thousands of books. I hope to get that done by the end of August.

The other excuse was medical, and though my shoulder is better, I had some lovely hospital visits to deal with. After a few hospital stays, doctor visits and bills, I'm a bit wiped out. I might have to pick up some extra freelance work to pay the rent for awhile. As you can imagine, a free comic that takes years to produce isn't very profitable.

Oh, and now I have to move out of my apartment in a couple months. Yay. So that will put me behind another month.

Anyway, long story short: I hope to start posting pages again by October or November, and after that it should be regular again. Hopefully, no more distractions from the real world.

I will post some concepts and sketches soon.

thanks for waiting,