Scurry Book 1 is now available on Amazon and Kindle. I appreciate any reviews and ratings.

The first book in the Scurry story, The Doomed Colony, is available on Amazon and Kindle at this link. If you haven't gotten it yet, now's your chance. 

If you have read the book and liked it, I would appreciate a rating or review if you have the time. Reviews and ratings help the book become more visible on Amazon. Thanks for your time!

Scurry Premium Slipcase Editions are available now for a limited time via kickstarter.

Kickstarter exclusive premium editions of both book one and two are available to preorder for a limited time. These are only available during the Kickstarters, so now's your chance to grab one. There are also a few sketch tier rewards left, but they won't last long.

Here's what you get for getting both books:

Here's one of the unboxing videos of the premium edition of first book from ACE Reviews to give you an idea of what you get with the second:

Get it here:

thanks for all your support!


Scurry Book 1 delayed one month

Hey guys, I wanted to keep you up to date on the shipping date for the first book. There will be a one month delay (to late March). Originally, the expected ship date was for some time in February, but there was a delay at the dock (due to holidays and other random problems). Once the books arrive at my distributor, they should go out within a week. I expect them to ship in late March. 

The books are printed and ready to go, it's just a matter of them getting here. As you can imagine, it's very frustrating!

Very sorry for the wait.



Advance copies have arrived. Shipping from printer soon.

Last week I received the advance copies of the book and they look great. The colors are rich, the blacks are dark, and all the pages are in order! (something that kept me up many nights)

Here's a brief video of me flipping through the pages:

These should be shipping to backers by the end of the month. The Chinese New Year held things up for a week or two, but they are printed and ready to go. Once they get to my distributors in the US and Europe, they should start reaching people's hands a week later. Probably the first or second week of March. Those of you who got one of the art tiers will have to wait a few days later since they have to come to me first, but I'll have those mailed ASAP. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Preorder the first book here: