Scurry pg.20

Ouch. That had to hurt. If you notice, Wix has some notches taken out of his ear. That was from a previous run in with Titan. Though Titan tends to "play with his food" too much, Wix is still the only mouse who has ever managed to escape from him, but he wasn't unscathed.

Oh, so yeah, the cats talk. :P Well, they can talk. Some, like Ork, don't bother talking to lesser creatures (and everything is lesser in Ork's mind.) Others talk constantly. I went back and forth on how to approach that, but decided to introduce them as monsters at first. 

Umf is still on the countertop, but sneaked out of his hole to check on Wix. But now with Wix stunned and out in the open on the floor, he's feeling a bit helpless at the moment...


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