Scurry's 6 Month Anniversary! How I make my comic!

yikes! Above is one of the very first full color concepts I did of Wix and Pict. Originally, I was gonna go more realistic in style with the mice, but they looked kinda screwy to me, and had a bit too much "uncanny valley" going on. Still, I suppose they have their charm.

Anyway, Scurry has been live for six months! To celebrate, check out how I make my comic! I made a blog post about it here.

Hard to believe. Time has been flying by. Just a month from the kickstarter to hopefully get the first book printed, yet it seems like only yesterday I was building the website! 

edit: Here's a little variant on the first cover I worked on today (using an old pic of Titan.) I kinda like it.

Episode 3 kicks off on Monday!