Scurry pg.43

Bonus page this week. Might post three pages next week, too.

Wix might be getting a bit greedy, here. He tends to get carried away. Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

Some background: The Colony is organized into:

Scouts: They search far and wide for new areas to loot and scavenge. Usually the most experienced and skilled mice in the colony are scouts. When not scouting, they also serve as guards and police for the colony. Kessel oversees them.

Scavengers: These mice search the surrounding houses and areas discovered by the scouts for anything they can lug back to the colony.  Most of the able bodied mice handle this duty. It's quite dangerous, as the cats stalk these areas the most. Pict organizes them and assigns missions to the scavengers.

The House Mice: The rest stay in the colony house and organize the supplies, care for the sick and handle general housekeeping. The Elders, nest leaders, and other officials stay here as well.

New scene next week.

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