Still alive.


You are probably wondering where the new updates are. I think I said that Scurry would start up again in October, and now it’s November.

I’m still working on it. Various real world problems have kept getting in the way, but I have started working on it again. The final three chapters are roughed out, and I have about a dozen pages finished. But I want to get the next episode completely finished before posting again. That way, there will be no more delays until it is finished.

I think I’ll start posting again at the end of the month. I might possibly wait until the New Year.

I would much rather spend my time drawing and painting Scurry than dealing with Kickstarter headaches and other problems, but that’s life.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, despite the fact that the books were printed way back in July, it’s been a nightmare getting them shipped from the printers. The good news is that they are now on the way. I’m hoping to get them shipped out in the next 6 weeks. Sorry for the delay. It’s been a nonstop struggle with third parties. But the wait is nearly over.