Scurry page 102

Back to the Colony. Remember these guys? That's Resher in the yellow (and his short lackey is Skek) and Kessel is the blue one with the nasty scratches. I basically live with these characters, so I probably don't notice that months go by without you guys seeing them, so it's easy for you to forget. Character bios below (or go here It looks like Kessel got into a nasty fight on the way back to the house.

Kessel is Orim's right hand and captain of the scouts and guards. He has worked tirelessly to safeguard the colony since it was created, and leads the most important scouting missions personally. He has a great fondness for Pict, though he has doubts that she is capable of leading the colony. Kessel is exceptionally tall for a mouse, almost resembling a rat. He has a slender frame and moves with a natural grace and agility, and thus avoids predators with amazing ease. Many of the colony mice are envious of his ability, but admire him nonetheless. Still, some complain that the guards have become lax and even abusive recently under his watch, leading to rumors that he doesn't have as much control over them as he likes to think.

Resher is the head of a western nest of mice who reluctantly joined the colony after a fire destroyed their home. Resher was not born into power, coming from a lowly family in their rigid society, but rapidly moved up the ranks using flattery, bribery, or intimidation, the latter due to his large size and gang of henchmice at his command. He is an extremely ambitious and power hungry mouse, and is adept at gaining followers and resources. A mouse of action, Resher views the Council of Elders as ineffectual and has been pressuring them to abandon their suburban neighborhood and move to the city, which he believes is still occupied by humans and will provide the lifestyle they are accustomed to. In Resher’s mind, only he can lead the colony to prosperity, and is taking steps to undermine the elders and take control. He will stop at nothing to make sure that the colony follows him to the city.